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British Psychosocial Oncology Society

BPOS:  Promoting the advancement of education, clinical practice, and research in psychosocial oncology

A member of the IPOS International Federation of National Psychosocial Oncology Societies

The British Psychosocial Oncology Society (BPOS), founded in 1983, aims to advance and promote knowledge of psychosocial oncology. We welcome members from across the disciplines, who have an interest in education and research in psychosocial oncology. Our members work not only with people who have been diagnosed with cancer but also their families, friends and the professionals who care for them through all stages of the care pathway.  We warmly welcome you to our site and hope you will join us on our journey!

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy is the best-supported treatment for distress in cancer patients. However, few well-controlled studies have investigated other treatment approaches. Read more about the current evidence base in #psychooncology at: https://journals.lww.com/co-supportiveandpalliativecare/fulltext/2018/09000/psychological_support_for_patients_with_cancer_.13.aspx?casa_token=XXhw6LrUEDYAAAAA:eCt6eg9_wAK8yeDky9jrmYNrt7uVZHPsuloMrMhITNpNjOpLAkD6yrXrFaO3b3afub4LcRzTGbfx511KpA07UY1LB9i9PA @profnickhw

This may be helpful for those of us who fear the 'total' word count 😬🔖🖊️ https://twitter.com/ithinkwellHugh/status/1278637118114476032

Our recent paper finds that the Psychological Impact of Cancer (PIC) Scale is a useful (and short!) tool to measure how cancer impacts affected individuals. You can read more about it at: https://journals.lww.com/jporp/Fulltext/2019/09000/The_Psychological_Impact_of_Cancer__PIC__Scale_.4.aspx
@IPOSPsychoOncol @BPOSUK @profnickhw #psychooncology #CancerResearch

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BPOS Covid-19 survey

BPOS are undertaking an online survey of professionals working across the field to build a complete overview of the impact on activity.

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5th National PROMS Annual UK Research Conference

School of Health and Related Research Wednesday 10th June 2020

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