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Management of clinical depression and anxiety - Oxford University Press Book Discount Code

Edited by Maggie Watson & David Kissane

Management of Clinical Depression and Anxiety provides a brief set of clinical guidelines for handling clinical depression and anxiety in cancer patients. Using a practical toolkit format, this volume covers a variety of topics including: assessment methods, treatment methods, psychiatric emergencies and disorders, policies, service and ethical issues, confidentiality, and communication issues. Self-assessment quizzes round out each chapter, and the volume concludes with an appendix of patient screening tools.

Part of the Psycho-oncology Care: Companion Guides for Clinicians series, this highly readable, concise pocket guide is an ideal resource for oncology clinicians and mental health professionals training in psycho-oncology to use as a quick reference in everyday practice.

Pre-order copies of the book at a special discounted price via the OUP website and using promo code AMPROMD9 at checkout to receive 30% discount



Virtual MDT project launch - now accepting referrals

Following the call for expert opinion to inform a virtual MDT project, the Macmillan virtual Multi-Disciplinary Team (vMDT) is imminently being launched and is being tested in partnership with The Christie. The service is now ready to accept referrals.  Please see below further information and contact details. 

We know that around 625,000 people experience long-term consequences following their cancer treatment. Some of these are complex and highly debilitating and may benefit from expert advice from a range of specialties that may not be available locally. 

The virtual MDT platform will facilitate access to expert advice for patients’ complex or severe chronic symptoms following cancer treatment.

  • It’s a secure online forum providing quick and easy access to multi specialist advice, such as opinions from cardiologists and gastroenterologists.

  • Referrals to the vMDT can come from anywhere in the UK and will receive a response within three weeks, helping shared decision making regarding future care.

  • Referring healthcare professionals select which advice to follow and maintain responsibility for their patient throughout.

  • The aim is to improve the outcomes and quality of life for people experiencing complex issues.

The system will be available to accept referrals from Monday 14 November. In the meantime, to find out more including referral criteria, the history and background of the project or to browse the FAQs, please visit www.macmillan.org.uk/vmdt.


Cancer Studies course (MSc, PGDip, PGCert) at Oxford Brookes University

Cancer is a major cause of morbidity and mortality, although with increased screening, early detection and continually improving treatments, there are now over two million survivors of cancer in the UK. The impact of cancer does not stop when treatment is over, and cancer can have wide-ranging consequences for physical, psycho-social and practical aspects of life for many years.

This course offers an innovative interdisciplinary perspective on the study of cancer. Three core modules, which encompass both biological and social sciences, provide the foundation. These equip you to apply key theories and concepts critically, and to develop the skills required to engage in debates about the impact of cancer on the individual, the family and society.

This exciting master’s course is open to UK, EU and international applicants. The course will appeal to a wide range of individuals who wish to gain an understanding of cancer and its impact from a range of different perspectives, including social science and humanities graduates, science graduates who do not wish to pursue a laboratory-based career, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, people working for medical charities and in the pharmaceutical industry, individuals who have been affected by cancer (either themselves or a family member).

This multidisciplinary course aims to equip you with an understanding of the impact of cancer on the individual, family and society, and to apply key theories and concepts to these topics.  See attached flyer for further information or go to http://www.brookes.ac.uk/courses/postgraduate/cancer-studies/


Cancer Survivorship course (PGCert)  at University of Salford, Manchester

This course will enhance your understanding of the long-term impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment on individuals and their families. The syllabus is delivered in collaboration with the Christie Hospital (the largest cancer centre in the North West of England) and aimed at anybody who has practical involvement and/or interest in the management of care for people who are living with and beyond cancer diagnosis.  Please see the attached flyer for more information or see website http://www.salford.ac.uk/pgt-courses/cancer-survivorship or the following video describing the course: https://media.salford.ac.uk/Play/5435