Student Members Group

In 2012 the BPOS membership voted for a change to our constitution so that we could include a postgraduate student representatives on the Executive Committee.   We have seen growing numbers of student members over the past few years, and this role provides a valuable link between student members and the Executive Committee.  

The student representative speaks on behalf of all of our student members, communicating their views, and ensuring that their voices are represented and heard.  

The current student representatives are Will Kent (Email: and Jenny Harris (Email:

Will and Jenny will be working with a subgroup of the Executive Committee to plan Student focused content for the next BPOS Annual Conference.   We also have dedicated website space for students with our Members Only area and are also on Twitter and Facebook

Will and Jenny are keen to improve communication and support between BPOS student members. Please get in touch if there is anything you would like them to feed into the BPOS Executive Committee.