The BPOS newsletter is a bi-annual, members’ only publication which is edited by an elected member of the BPOS Executive Committee (currently Brooke Swash). It is sent electronically in March and September to each BPOS member and is also available as a download within the members’ section of the BPOS website.

Past issues are also available within the members’ area.  An example copy can be downloaded below.

The newsletter contains regular sections, such as the BPOS Chair’s column, which provides an update for members on the work being carried out by the Executive Committee.

Additional content comprises of articles which reflect the work, scope and experience of BPOS members. In recent times this has included conference reports, research articles, interviews of prominent individuals in psycho-oncology and book reviews.

Contributions from members are always welcomed so if you have an article that you would like to submit please feel free to send it to the editor Brooke Swash (  

Issue 2, 2012